D2 Admin

Elegant management system front-end integration

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Vue driver

enjoys Vue + webpack development experience, ultra fast virtual DOM and least worry optimization.

powerful data persistence scheme

There are many ways of data persistence encapsulated internally. You can distinguish users, pages and even create snapshots of page data when data persistence occurs.

modular global state management

The system management of D2Admin is an independent module, which is divided into more than ten modules according to their functions. Each module has a clear division of labor.

intimate gadget

has prepared practical JavaScript Util and CSS common classes for you.

rich integration

Plug-ins and components are ready for you to use, designed specifically for D2Admin, or from third parties.

ElementUI component library

integrates perfect and powerful ElementUI, and uses any ElementUI component at will.

visual construction

supports CLI3's visualization panel and provides a flying ice version of scaffolding.

document perfect

provides detailed documentation, and the document has been updated and perfected.

active communication group

provides QQ and WeChat group for discussion and study or solve problems.